Today's global marketplace is more than interconnected-it's a world without borders. The right business management solution can help people work quickly and effectively, manage growth and change, and meet the demands of globalization.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated, adaptable business management solution in the Microsoft Dynamics line that streamlines financial, customer relationship, and supply chain processes. Easy to use, it works like and with familiar Microsoft software-easing adoption and reducing the risks inherent with implementing a new solution. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, your people can work efficiently and make important business decisions with confidence.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you run your business across locations and countries by consolidating and standardizing processes, providing visibility across your organization, and helping to simplify compliance. With a wide range of industry-specific solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers a business management solution that can meet your needs now and evolve to meet future demands.

Business solutions for a world without borders

Help people work fast and smart

  • Focus on business-rather than on learning new applications-with a solution that looks and feels like a familiar Microsoft user experience.
  • Work effectively with an intuitive, RoleTailored user interface and Role Centers that help employees organize, prioritize, and access tasks and information.
  • Expand decision-making with business intelligence and reporting tools that help people analyze data through dashboard KPIs, Microsoft® Office Excel®, Business Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Microsoft Office PerformancePoint TM  Server.
  • Build strong connections with employees, customers, and partners using integrated, unified communication and collaboration tools.

Transform change into opportunity

  • Grow with confidence with a service-oriented architecture, tight integration with Microsoft technologies,and Web services that enable you to easily add users, support new business models, and scale your solution for large, distributed enterprises.
  • Automate supply chain collaboration and document exchange with Microsoft BizTalk® Server and the Microsoft Office system.
  • Build and quickly modify ad-hoc work streams to adapt quickly to changing industry and customer demands.
  • Meet highly specialized needs with Microsoft Dynamics AX industry solutions or key industry and partner add-ons.
  • Choose the solution package you need today, and then add capabilities as your business grows by taking advantage of current investments in Microsoft technology and services.
  • Help simplify deployments with Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, a standardized, global implementation methodology and suite of tools.

Be a world-class contender

  • Expand easily across borders with country-specific functionality, including capabilities for multiple languages and currencies. Help support compliance with local financial requirements for more than 36 countries.
  • Unify standards and help ensure quality by centralizing processes, sharing best practices, and extending supply chain management across multiple sites and divisions.
  • Manage and monitor performance across your organization with sophisticated reporting and analysis tools.
  • Combine your solution with Microsoft Business Intelligence applications to enhance the analytic capabilities critical to managing a complex business environment.
  • Give people access to real-time key performance indicators (KPIs), scorecards, and data through Enterprise Portal in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Enable key decision-makers to work with critical information using PerformancePoint Server or Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server without logging into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Stay on top of regulatory requirements

  • Save time and effort with workflows that enforce and enhance controls based on specific risk and compliance scenarios.
  • Help ensure consistency with standardized, repeatable processes that can reliably aggregate compliance data and monitor internal changes.
  • Support customer initiatives—including "green" and RFID supply chain strategies—with capabilities that reduce manufacturing waste and promote environmental sustainability.
  • Centralize and share corporate governance and compliance activities through the Compliance Center, a built-in tool for managing policies, process documents, audit trails, reports, and key risk indicators.
  • Reduce the cost and uncertainty of protecting corporate compliance data by taking advantage of the powerful security features built into Microsoft Dynamics AX and other Microsoft products in your IT infrastructure.

Designed to closely match your business processes

Maximize your IT investment

Start getting a return on your investment right away. Easy-to- use tools and a familiar look and feel encourage rapid user adoption so people are up and running quickly. Increase the value of your data by providing more people with access to information and processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX at a reduced licensing cost, using the Web-based Microsoft Dynamics Client for Microsoft Office and SharePoint Server.

Tight integration with Microsoft products and technologies and enhanced performance and scalability help improve the total cost of ownership of your IT infrastructure. The improved Web services framework makes it easy to integrate with trading partners and critical line-of- business systems. Flexible workflows based on Windows® Workfl ow Foundation help enforce internal controls, manage special circumstances, and adapt processes to new business models.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is built for your business

Meet unique industry and vertical needs with tailored Microsoft Dynamics AX industry solutions

Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Integrate information from across the organization; connect internal team members, clients, and external partners; and drive efficiency for services and internal processes.
  • Use sophisticated project management tools and methods to equip your company to proactively organize projects and manage time, equipment,and employees.
Process Industries for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Efficiently produce and deliver products that follow custom formulas or recipes and take full advantage of manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.
  • Optimize operations and support compliance with legal,regulatory, and market requirements to profitably satisfy customers and gain a competitive advantage.
Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Streamline, monitor, and control the entire production and service cycle for component, subassembly, and whole-system manufacturing.
  • Increase operational visibility, enhance control of processes and projects, and fuel expansion into new territories and services.
Field Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Coordinate and manage field services operations efficiently by streamlining the work order lifecycle; optimizing scheduling, dispatch, and resource management; and managing contracts, warranties,and assets efficiently.
  • Connect your office and field staff with the information and processes they need to help reduce response times, lower costs, and improve first-time fix ratios.
Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail Point of Sale
  • Integrate central and store operations with an end-to- end retail solution that enables you to optimize your distribution chain and handle your promotions effectively.
  • Increase profi tability by efficiently managing products,processes, transactions, and business relationships—from category management through supply chain to the point of sale.
Consumer-Driven Planning for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Plan and forecast your demand efficiently and make profitable value chain choices with powerful business intelligence capabilities and flexible workflows.
  • Support cross-functional processes, plan ways to meet demand effectively based on simulation scenarios and their financial impact, and evaluate performance throughout the supply chain with sales budgeting,demand forecasting,assortment planning, and promotion planning.
Apparel and Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Satisfy demanding customers, bring products to market faster,and manage global
  • Gain agility with powerful integration and address complex needs for item coding, traceability, and changing processes-from fibers to yarns and consumer and industrial fabrics; home goods and carpet; and clothing, designer lines,and fashion accessories.